Love Challenge 2012

Dear Friends,

This has been an exciting and challenging year for the organization and without your help we would not be here today. Thank you!

Community support is VERY important to us, and that is why I am asking you to join me in donating to the Scrap Exchange today!

Your financial contribution now can help the organization:

  • fulfill a vital need for low cost resources and services to the community
  • defer 30 tons of valuable resources from going to the landfill
  • represent over 170 artists annually through the Green Gallery and Artists’ Marketplace
  • participate in over 320 educational creative hands-on workshops and events throughout the Southeast

Here’s how the 2012 LOVE CHALLENGE works: We have several levels of affection we would like you to consider (and of course any donation is MUCH appreciated!)

Do you REALLY LOVE  The Scrap Exchange? Donate $1,000 (or more!)
Do you LOVE The Scrap Exchange A LOT? Donate $500 to $1,000
Do you LOVE The Scrap Exchange A LITTLE? Donate $100 to $500
Do you HAVE WARM FUZZY FEELINGS TOWARDS The Scrap Exchange? Donate $10 to $100

Are you feeling the LOVE?  Consider donating today using the Donate button above.  Because I am passionate about the work and the mission, I am asking you to join me in donating to support our core values of creativity, environmental stewardship and creating strong, vital communities.

With gratitude,

Ann May Woodward
Executive Director
The Scrap Exchange

P.S.  Please make your donation by December 31st 2012 and help us to meet our end of the year goals and start 2013 off with a bang! We help support: local jobs+ local purchasing+ local products=sustainable communities! Thank you!

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